Thursday, 5 March 2009

'à demeurer...'

Transitions are strange things. It's a received norm that, when speaking in a particular context, there are various contingencies that shape what one says: potential audience, history of the discursive space, familiarity or the presence of a loved one. No less true for digital spaces than physical ones, which is why I'm making the transition from one digital space to another.

I'd like to speak as I am, here, at least in part, or as far as that's ever possible. As I am, then, in that comfortable raft of contradictions I call home. Undoubtedly a few scattered pieces of high and low culture, ranting, and hopefully some more well-considered pieces. Setting up a project like this is making a stick for one's own back, really, so I'd best say little about it.

'Demeure', by the way, is one of my favourite words in French (as is dictée, the diacritically orphaned URL of this blog), so it seemed appropriate here, with various shades of meaning in its various forms: to abide, to linger, to reprieve, to remain; a house, a sojourn, a dwelling-place. I've often thought that an ethics of lingering might really be just what we all need.

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  1. J'espère que tu demeure ici longtemps! Bienvenue.