Saturday, 21 March 2009

'she likes her face in all the papers; everyone knows her by name'

Flipping through some local homo rag, none could be more surprised than me to find my image - a particularly serious one at that - being used to promote Oxford Pride. Surprised or joyous-looking expression on boy to my right courtesy of innumerable gin & tonics in easily breakable plastic cups at preceding LGBT gathering. Said gin always served with a tangible air of bitterness and recrimination, in a striplit dungeon deep in the bowels of one of Oxford's more illustrious colleges.

Please notice this season's fashionable pale skin ('Oxbridge tan') accessorised with exclusive under-eye bags courtesy of computer-squinting and terrible, headache-inducing non-lights in the Bodleian library.

Poseurish reaction to camera notwithstanding, it's always nice to find one's image in the local rag, and I will spend a couple of hours at Oxford Pride this year, largely on the principle that visibility is a good thing.


  1. Gloriana. Nothing changes, I see!

  2. And you have a distinct look of Tom Riddle in that photo. And we all know where that ended.

  3. I can't help it! I went out in an emerald green t-shirt the other night and two friends separately commented that I was obviously wearing my house colours. Still, from what I've seen of the Harry Potter stories, I'm not sure I'd enjoy being associated with the tediously heroic clichés of any of the other houses.